Career Tools

There are many sites to find out about different jobs. There are also lots of ways to do personality tests to see what sort of job you would be interested in and have a good skill set for.


Many careers advisors use the Holland codes to analyse personality types and match them with suitable careers. Try it for yourself at


The Myers-Briggs-based personality tests are very popular and variations can be simplified or complex. Here is a link to a quick free test: 16 Personalities Test. (It might pay to do this with a parent or someone else as there is a bit of reading – but it is interesting!!)


VIA character survey  This is an interesting way to identify positive parts of your personality that impact how you think, feel and behave. By taking the VIA Survey you can discover your unique character strengths profile. Knowing and applying your highest character strengths is the key to you being your best self and also finding work that will suit you.


Careers Govt search tools Use this site to get ideas, explore study options and make CVs.




Thrive for Girls offers support to girls from the beginning of their journey into  High School through to University or Job Seeking.  Our coaching provides support that complements formal education, encouraging girls to develop confidence, set goals, manage anxiety and plan their pathway forward.  Our programmes are designed for girls in NZ to give them an advantage in their futures. Thrive coaching for girls


SWIVEL give careers advice. See the poster for details and costs.

A very comprehensive career search website. It is based in America but is a good starting point. Jobs can be searched via different routes. Skills, knowledge, education required, values, and tasks involved with each job are very detailed, but can also be viewed in a simple format.


Sometimes it is helpful to use different approaches. For instance, thinking about your strengths, or your interests, values, intelligences or skills. There are lots of different kinds of quizzes on the Canadian Government website which are quite simplistic and may be a good starting point… Job Bank (Canadian resources)

Connected is a useful site for students and adults looking for work or training.